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WordPress Security Case Studies

Over the holidays I got two separate calls from websites that had been compromised due to outdated WordPress sites. While this can happen to anyone, there are several preventative (and recovery) measures that you can take to vastly limit the risks. Here I will talk about both Case Studies and what you can do to prevent what happened.

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What Should I Have on my Personal Website?

Every semester I’m asked by a faculty member at The University of Scranton to talk to her class about what students should be putting on their personal websites. Since the advent of blogging and online CMSs, it’s been incredibly easy to go off and create a personal website at little to no cost. Below are a few pages I recommend each of them have, but  this isn’t just for students. If you are considering your own website, this is definitely a good starting point.

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Can I Update my Website without Knowing Anything About Websites?

This is a very common question I get, and a good one at that! Many people want to be able to keep their website updated but worry that they don’t know how to make websites or the first thing about HTML. Last time we looked at what you need to have a website; once you have that website, how do you maintain it without paying someone to do it for you? That’s what we will look at today.

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What do I need to have a website?

This is a common question I get when create a website for someone whether it’s explicitly asked or not. See, many people don’t necessarily know that there are additional, annual fees associated with a website that the developer usually won’t foot the bill for. That’s why you should know that if you want a website created, you need three things: a domain, hosting, and content.

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Out Now: Responsive Design with WordPress

Responsive Design with WordPress shows readers Responsive Web Design principles, as well as how to develop responsively when using WordPress. With a greater push towards mobile and the emergence of Responsive Web Design (RWD), more and more WordPress developers are looking to create responsive themes for their websites.

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What is Responsive Design?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the growing amount of portable devices like smartphones and tablets, reaching a wider audience, and making websites responsive. Website owners might want to reach a mobile audience without devoting the time or funds to developing an iPhone or Android app. That’s where responsive web design (RWD) comes in.

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