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What Should I Have on my Personal Website?

Every semester I’m asked by a faculty member at The University of Scranton to talk to her class about what students should be putting on their personal websites. Since the advent of blogging and online CMSs, it’s been incredibly easy to go off and create a personal website at little to no cost. Below are a few pages I recommend each of them have, but ┬áthis isn’t just for students. If you are considering your own website, this is definitely a good starting point.

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Do I need to Hire a Web Developer?

Another way to word this question is, “Why should I hire a web developer?” There are lots of websites out there if you just want to start a simple website or a blog. You can even find ones that will allow you to sell products through an online store, with your only task being to upload the products and prices. If you can do all this (for as little at $8/mo to sell a product), then why hire a web developer at all?

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